Easy One Step Solution Guaranteed To Moisturize Low Porosity Natural Hair

July 28, 2013 § 2 Comments

Getting moisture into Low porosity natural hair is a real problem for women who use poor methods for moisturizing their hair. Hair that isn’t porous has an inability to get moisture and retain moisture. The result of low moisture hair is dry, brittle, unruly hair with ugly split ends. Fortunately, this is a problem that has an easy solution.

Ava’s Collection from the Cold Press Shop offers an easy one step solution that is guaranteed to get moisture into and to retain moisture in low porosity hair.Natural_Oils_for_Hair  Applying the benefits of cold pressed avocado oil, Ava’s Collection reduces dryness in individual hair strands and  is scientifically proven to penetrate even low porosity hair. More importantly, Ava’s cold pressed avocado oil is a natural, chemical free product that does not leave a coating or residue buildup on the hair.

Most  Common Methods Used To Moisturize Hair Have Built In Failure for Various Reasons. Lets review some of them.

1. Multi-Steps and Multi-Product Solutionsbesides tiring, simply doesn’t work. Many of the products used in multi-products, multi-step solutions actually damage the hair strand. Aloe Vera, for example clogs the cuticle, while heavy oils and creams cannot penetrate the hair shaft. Sitting on the hair, these heavy oils and creams actually create a barrier that does not let moisture in.

2. Putting Moisturizing Products On Hair While Hair Is Wetsimply doesn’t work. It is similar to  putting moisturizer on your face while your face is wet. The moisturizer is simply diluted and doesn’t penetrate your skin or your hair. It can only ineffectively sit on the face or hair and fade into dryness when the wetness evaporates.

3. Applying Hot Moisture Using A Hair Steamer by definition is problematic. The rules of this method suggest sitting under a hair steamer for up to 30 minutes. But heat in the long run damages the hair and is definitely not good for hair that is naturally dry with difficulty in being moisturized.

4. Covering Your Hair With A Bag Or Plastic Wrap–while sleeping or during the day to build up water vapor inside the bag may sound good to the uninformed, but..do we need we say more?

Obviously, the best way to get moisture into your hair is to use a product that is easy to use, that penetrates the hair strands, and does not sit on or clog the hair and hair follicles,

Ava’s Avocado Collection is special because its unique properties are proven to penetrate the hair shaft. Currently, only three triglycerides have been scientifically proven to penetrate the hair shaft without coating or residue build up. Ava’s Cold Pressed Avocado Oil is one of those three triglycerides.

Do your low porosity hair a favor. Stop using cheap or expensive commercial products that use cheap fillers under various names like cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, heat processed vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, water,color additives, formaldehyde, propylparaben, and silicone just to name a few.

All of the products offered in the Cold Press Shop  6 Collections of beauty products are natural, cold pressed, and they work.

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